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DEF: Severiano by takatsuya DEF: Severiano by takatsuya

    01 · I N F O

    ▌ Personal Information

      name : Severiano Raines
      nickname : Vino
      age : 19
      birthday : November 2nd
      gender : Male
      orientation : Heterosexual
      height : 6'1"
      weight : 170lbs
      echnicity : Italian, British

      rank : Senior
      weapon : Sniper Rifle
      squad name : Void
      squad role : Captain
      mech animal : Qilin
      strength : ▰▰▰
      agility : ▰▰
      intelligence : ▰▰▰▰▰

    02 · P E R S O N A L I T Y

    "...Don't worry about me."
      「 gentle - attentive - responsible - intuitive - private - subjective - vindictive - skeptical - defensive 」
      Severiano carries himself in a calm, gentle manner. He is rarely seen raising his voice especially to his younger peers and tries to be reliable, ready to lend a hand or an ear for their troubles and worries. Generally a good listener, but a better observer; he has a knack of noticing what others don't, but is mostly reluctant to share them. Years of captivity has taught him to always keep his guard up, there's always a thought of suspicion, sometimes hostility behind the smile he offers.

      He clings to those he holds dear; his home, family, and friends whom he'll naturally look after. Their needs are his priority and so are their safety. He is willing to go to great lengths to secure it even if it means stepping out of the boundary, an action that may or may not jeopardize the mission at hand. Opinions are no different, he can be somewhat subjective when it comes to said individuals and even tolerates their weaknesses more than he should. He is aware of these habits and struggles with it, although he usually ends up pushing the issue aside in favor of a reason to justify his actions.

      likes : sweets; mainly chocolates, reading, documentaries
      dislikes : messy room, dishonesty, overly prodding individuals, spicy foods
      - Excels in firearms and forming strategies
      - His right eye enables a more advanced vision which greatly increases his accuracy
      - Works well under pressure
      - Limited use of right eye; excessive use of it will cause him severe hedeache and will need some time to cool down
      - Not very quick on his feet, mostly relies on physical strength when forced into a close combat
      - Has troubles letting go of the past, sometimes has tendency to whip a dead horse
      - Mostly reluctant to accept a helping hand due to distrust

      「 BACKGROUND 」
      Born as the eldest son of the owners of a winery, Ealdred and Francesca Raines, it was expected for him to take over the family business when he grows up and so his parents had started educating him for that very day. The boy grew up shouldering more responsibilities than his younger siblings and lived a busy childhood, but he was quite content with it.

      Those days didn't last long. The Monsoros came and he, along with his family, was taken by the invaders after the earth's surrender. The boy was unfortunate enough to get separated from his family during the capture and was shipped elsewhere. He was terrified at the foreign environment just like the everyone else, but had no other choice but to keep working as they're all ordered to. The thought of his family never left him as days passed, he attempted to find a clue about his family's whereabouts but nothing turned up. Even so, the boy never stopped trying.

      It was years later that murmurs about rebelling and escaping reached his ears. The older batch thought they have adapted, waited long enough, and knew how things work. Plans laid out and more prisoners gathered. The boy was doubtful at first, but eventually decided to take whatever chance that presents itself to find his family and participated. Clearly the humans had underestimated their captors, it didn't take long before their plan fell apart and the escapees recaptured. Over than a half of them were sent to the arena afterwards, but the boy was among the minority. He'd call it luck if it was, but what awaited him was no better; he was subjected to experiments which left him with a right eye that wasn't his. Unfortunately the eye itself was still imperfect with some major setbacks on its own, clearly his days in the chamber wasn't going to end soon.

      He had stopped showing any signs of retaliation when his group was sent out on a cargo for a field test. It was then the attack happened and the boy was brought to safety along with the other children, but failed to see any signs of his younger siblings on board. The boy refused to believe that the aliens were his saviors and was among the harder children to convince, but they managed to make him feel safer after some time, even giving his right eye some fixing to minimize the strain before letting him recover. He was later introduced to their military program and was asked to fight alongside them against his former captors. Seeing an even brighter opportunity to find his family, the boy decided to join, but not without caution. After all, he still can't bring himself to fully trust his saviors...

    03 · EXTRA

    ▌ Miscellaneous

      「 MISC. 」
      - Has a birthmark on his right hand.
      - Sleeps roughly 3-4 hours a day, goes on a very long sleep on his day off to make up for his lack of sleep.
      - Has a weak stomach for spicy foods
      - Secretly keeps a list of his squad members' birthdays

      family :
      - Ealdred Raines [father]
      - Francesca Raines [mother]
      - Letizia Raines [younger sister]
      - Evaristo Raines [younger brother]
      squad members :
      - Jiovanni "Zap" Zappa
      - Nikolaus "Klaus" Frostner
      - Oliver Leitner
      - Levi "Wally" Wallaby
      others :
      - tba

    04 · R O L E P L A Y

    ▌ Roleplay Methods
      style : headcanon, script, lit
      method : google docs, notes

      availability : mostly available to rp on weekends!
      shipping availability : unavailable
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