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Illegibilus - Nathaniel Osborn by takatsuya Illegibilus - Nathaniel Osborn by takatsuya
forever lateee :iconminghideplz:
feel free to ask for rp!
[preferred method is note/skype/googledoc]


Name:  Nathaniel Osborn
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 6’3” / 191cm
Weight: 176lbs / 80kg
Birthday: February 2nd
Nationality: British/French
House: Ravenclaw
Year: Sixth
Blood-status: Muggleborn


> Passive
Rarely the one to strike up conversation and will only speak when needed. Appears distant and unsociable, sometimes rude at first, and prefers to work in the background.
> Laid back
Not one to be easily angered or irritated by something since he tolerates mostly anything and everything …until you disturb his sleep or try to harm his pet. Nevertheless he definitely likes and will do things his way at his own pace.
> Unmotivated Bookworm
He is less-academically motivated than most of his Ravenclaw friends. He doesn’t really care about it since he thinks getting more knowledge is more important than the actual scores he gets.
>A Waste of Talent
He is gifted with high intelligence and displays remarkable talent in wizardry, especially spells as he is ­able to perform spells with high efficiency and is a quick learner. Sadly, he rarely has the will to put his brain to good use and prefers to use spells for his own convenience.
>Highly Observant and Resourceful
He is quick to perceive and good at noticing what’s going on around him. But when he knows something, he usually keeps it to himself. He also tends to have an unusual way of thinking.
No, he doesn't like sticking his nose in other people's business. He is just too eager to know about things, once it catches his interest.

 Likes : Sleeping, books, quiet places, good food (especially yorkshire pudding), singing
 Dislikes: Unnecessary commotion, crowds, getting into trouble


Nathaniel was born in London to a British doctor Frederick Osborn and French singer Sylvianne Osborn. Growing up in a lively family of six, Nathaniel oddly developed a quiet and aloof personality-a trait not shared among his siblings- and quickly became the oddball of the family, but being the youngest of the four Osborn siblings earned him all the attention and affection from his parents and his much older siblings. His parents are more than proud of him. As a gifted child with high intelligence, his outstanding reputation at school made him the center of attention and he received praises and words of admiration from his friends and teachers, but Nathaniel didn't seem to enjoy the attention he gets. Nevertheless, he lived his childhood life like any other kid.

When he was 8, something very unusual happened. An annoyed Nathaniel accidentally made his alarm clock combust to flames, which actually terrified him that he ran to his parents for help. Surprised at their son’s newfound ability, they decided to keep it a secret while hoping that one day their son will be able to control his ability properly. As time goes by, a curious Nathaniel began experimenting with his new ability which mostly ended up in failure.

On his eleventh birthday on February 2nd, a mysterious messenger came to deliver a letter, which was revealed to be his admittance letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, much to his family’s confusion and surprise. Having learned that there are more people like him, he decided to attend Hogwarts with his parents’ approval. He spent his days trying to adjust with his new environment, getting to know things around him, and of course, being sorted to Ravenclaw (and snorted upon knowing that their common room is located at the very top of the tower). He also began spending most of his free time in the library reading about things he should know about the wizarding world, eventually making his curiosity even bigger resulting in him reading more and more books until he fell asleep and trying out new spells in secret at night. This quickly became a hobby of his, as he prefers to spend his time getting to know this new world he has just discovered through books to socializing, making him more distant than he already is.

He managed to make some friends after all, and spending some time with them slowly made him to open up.

- Frederick Osborn (father, muggle, 49)
- Sylvianne Osborn (mother, muggle, 46)
- Raeden Osborn (older brother, 24)
- Clarissa Osborn (older sister - twins, 23)
- Cassandra Osborn (older sister - twins, 23)

Core: Dragon Heartstring
Length: Thirteen and ¾ inches
Wood: Hornbeam
Flexibility: Hard

"A fine tuned, but stubborn wand that refuses to perform any kind of magic in the hands of others except its own master. It seems to have adapted to the owner's offensive style of duelling"


Silencio - Silences the victim, preventing any form of vocalization. Can be used to disrupt powerful magic that requires a verbal component.
Evanesco - A transfiguration spell used to vanish both animate and inanimate objects.
Expelliarmus -  Causes the target's wand to fly from their hand. With sufficient power behind it, this charm may throw a victim back forcefully.    
Protego - Creates a shield from the caster's wand which deflects jinxes, hexes, and curses.
Oppugno - Causes conjured objects or creatures to attack a victim.
Revellio - Analyzes the special properties and enchantments affecting a magical item.


        >> Apparition, Alchemy, Care of Magical Creatures, Arithmancy, Study of Ancient Runes

        >> Earth Magic, Magical Theory


Name: Spilvens
Species: Tarantula (Chaco golden knee)
Gender: Female
Personality: Quiet, timid, docile

A tarantula that he purchased as his birthday present. When he brought it home, the tarantula seems to be very comfortable hanging around him. Until now, this somewhat timid tarantula likes to sit on his bushy hair.


> Nicole Hyland - The first person to make him snap. He is very aggressive when it comes to her and is always the first to suspect her when something goes wrong. They bicker 24/7.
> Courtney Blake - Nicole's friend who is always there to stop him and Nicole when they start bickering. Nathaniel first thought of him as a narcissist, but somehow they became friends. He thinks this guy makes the best pun.
> Tristan Llewellyn - Extremely wary of this Gryffindor boy. He will never again trust his sense of direction.
> Autumn Lerwick - A girl he befriended on summer break. He's definitely pleased to find a friend with similar interest and they soon became gaming buddies (he can never beat her at fighting game).
> Alex Ang -  Aiden's twin. Is quite surprised at how different they are (in terms of personality)
> Catherine Featherstone - Drinking buddies. He met her during QWC at the drinking competition

> Daniel Hyland - Nicole's little brother, he finds him more likeable than his sister and somehow they get along well. Sometimes he helps him study.
> Ein Schutzhauer - A very kind Hufflepuff girl who seems to cry easily. Finds her company enjoyable and somehow feels the need to look after this girl.
> Oliveria Rulstein - He recognizes her as 'the girl who calls him Gnomie'. Actually thinks she's a fun person to be around with.

> Aiden Ang - BALLS.ON.FIRE--loljk He owes her a lot for helping him during his first year.
> Eve Blotts - A talkative Ravenclaw girl. He will never forget about the discount coupon she gave him.
> Elizabeth McGuire - A fellow Ravenclaw, she seems to be good with animals..

> Paris King - A mysterious and quiet Slytherin girl. He doesn't mind telling her things about muggle world since she seems curious about it..
> Isabella Bonnaud - A Slytherin girl he knows of, but somehow he finds her motherly?
• He has weird laughing fit
• He is thinking of trying out the Quidditch Team this year (gotta try quidditch at least once)
• Best subject : Transfiguration, Arithmancy
• He invented a spell during his fifth year that he uses it only for himself
• He likes listening to old musics
• He is left handed
1000 House Points by rowHouse Cup Trophy by rowPrefect Badge by rowQWC Badge by rowGala Badge by row
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